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In my early career I spent 5 years in the British Army as a combat medic and driver. I then went on to a career in mental health nursing. I have fostered children and raised my own family.

I have extensive experience with Neo-natal intensive care and trauma.

I have spent many years working with the rehabilitation of offenders and several years working with -and supporting- young adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.

I have personal experience supporting close family members dealing with diverse mental health issues such as cyclothermia, PTSD, dyslexia, ADHD, autism and identity issues.

All of these life experiences led me to a time in my life when I found that I could hopefully put all of this experience to good use and decided to embark on a new journey to study and qualify as a BACP-accredited counsellor.

I now offer a safe space for clients to explore and develop healthy ways to move forward.

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